Dishonest Unlimited

By calling this post dishonest unlimited, there’s some people who will make an assumption as to the reference of this that would be correct. Others may have an association to something else that maybe I’m not sure of.

This is in reference to the idea of unlimited data plans from mobile providers.

We all know they’re bullshit, but lately MVNOs have been pushing this. Some big names, too! Just as of late, there’s Mint Mobile and tello.

Thes providers provide plans at the top end of their offerings that claim to offer unlimited data. The problem is, there IS a difference from their other data plans, but it has nothing to do with whether it’s unlimited or not. Pay close attention to all of their plans and they’re ALL unlimited plans in the same way.

Their top plans are called unlimited, but have a limit to high speed data and unlimited 2G or 3G data. But if you pay close attention, all of their plans offer their noted limits and unlimited 2G or 3G data. So they’re all actually limited high speed data with unlimited low speed data.

Look at Mint Mobile, for example. For their “limited” data plans, the “unlimited” feature is below the fold, a section of information on the plans that requires clicking more to see. But the unlimited plan has this above the fold.

But these plans are NOT created equal.

At least for tello and Mint, the “unlimited” plans have a limitation that no other plan has. Tethering is much more highly restricted compared to lower tier plans. So if a large part of your usage involves tethering, the “unlimited” plans are NOT what you want to purchase. You can actually get more high speed tethering from cheaper plans!

They want to sell you their most expensive plans as something they are not. And if your usage requires something that this plan doesn’t offer, but a cheaper one does, they don’t make this information easily available. It’s hidden under the fold.

So pay close attention. If you don’t tether, then maybe 25GB, or 40GB, or whatever they offer on “unlimited” may be what you actually want. But if you need more than, say, 5GB of tethering data, those plans will put you in a predicament.