This Site Is Moving

When I created this new site, I had a specific goal in mind:

Static site hosting for as little cost as possible using “cloud” technologies and automation, and zero management of any of the infrastructure behind it.

I had tried static site hosting in the past and found it a bit onerous. This time around, though, I succeeded. The source is hosted on Gitlab, the static content is built with Hugo using Gitlab CI/CD, which then pushes the content to AWS S3, which has CloudFront in front of it. I manage none of the services that this content goes through. All I have to do to make a new page is create a new Markdown file in the appropriate place, depending on what the content is, write some stuff, and commit.

I took it a step further, in fact, and new content gets created in branches, where a separate CI/CD pipeline is executed so I can see the result without publishing to this website directly. This allows me to make mistakes and fix them before they really go live.

I really want to move away from AWS, though. And I might, finally, have the opportunity.

My plan is to, now, move everything into Wasabi as the backing store, and CloudFlare as the CDN.

One thing to note is I don’t just use AWS for this website. I also use S3 on a cheaper tier (Standard-IA) for my encrypted offsite backup. I’m always going to being paying the same amount to AWS whether my site is hosted there or not because this site fits within the free tier. If I move to Wasabi, I’m going to double my storage cost.

I use a Netgear ReadyNAS device for my home network backup, general network storage, media storage, etc. It hosts an encrypted copy of all of my backups, and I’m using ReadyNAS functionality to sync with S3. Fortunately for me, it also supports Wasabi.

Wasabi is still, technically, using AWS. They are a reseller of S3. It’s an interesting model, honestly. But their cost scaling is much more predictable. Moving my offsite backup from S3 to Wasabi, as well as my site, should actually slightly reduce my cost, and I have a lot of room to grow before my cost increases at all.

I’ve already enabled the sync of my offsite backup and it’s being stored at Wasabi.

So why is this happening at this point? Well, some changes have happened among these services that now allows me to get the same level of integration with not a ton of effort. I believe I’ll still fit within CloudFlare’s free tier so, overall, my cost will decrease.

There’s still some things I need to figure out before I commit this change. In the end, though, when the change happens, whether this site has traffic or not, no one should really notice. As I figure things out and learn more, I’ll be sure to post about my experience.