Remove Shipping Address From Apple Pay

Since I’ve moved, I’ve had this issue where Apple insists that my shipping address is my old address. It’s completely non-obvious how to fix this, and every page I’ve found, including from Apple, seems to be outdated with the current versions of Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, or just flat out wrong. None of them fix the problem. I’m pretty sure someone at my old address got some free Apple AirTags out of the deal and even though this was reported to Apple Support, it still wasn’t fixed. I was bit by it again yesterday.

I may have found the real solution, but I won’t fully know until I use Apple Pay to place another order.

If you’ve tried making sure the address was not in your contact, removing the address on the order screens, etc, and it still didn’t work for you, try this one. This is my latest attempt, while using iOS 16.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to Wallet & Apple Pay and tap
  3. Scroll to the section called TRANSACTION DEFAULTS
  4. Tap on Shipping Address
  5. Swipe left the old address to delete it
  6. Tap the current address to set it as default

I did not find these instructions anywhere else. I discovered this on my own. So hopefully this can be found by others and help them out.

Sadly, I’m still not 100% confident this will solve the problem, but it seems the most likely. I can’t find anywhere else my old address could exist. I’m tired of forgetting to watch for this and having to contact shippers to correct the order. I’m currently working with a merchant who is trying to find my UPS package before UPS picks it up so they can correct it.

This should be easier to find and fix.