New Blog

I didn’t think I really wanted to run a blog anymore, but I kinda miss it. I’ve disconnected from social media, for the most part, and I thought just updating pages on this site would be enough for me to feel like I’m getting my voice out.

But I miss it.

I still have the urge to make commentary but I really don’t want to rejoin social media. I’m avoiding Twitter as much as I can, and haven’t been accessing Facebook either. I maintain my LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, which I’ve found I’ve been able to use while still avoiding the toxicity of those platforms.

But, I want to blog. So here we are. My first post on my new blog.

I’m going to go ahead and set some expectations:

  • I’m not going to attempt any kind of regularity
  • As much as I want to make this useful, this is likely to have random content
  • I will not discuss my work, though I may reference something work related (my opinions are my own, etc, etc)
  • I don’t intend to allow discussion here, I don’t care to maintain it
  • In general, I don’t intend to put a ton of effort into this

So, here it is. A new blog. A new place to host it. No prior history is being imported. I might revisit some topics of the past, though.