Ending My SpiderOak Account

I’m trying not to rant on here or post reviews on here, and so I will note that this is a cautionary tale that affected me and a warning to others.

I used SpiderOak backup for many users, since before it was called SpiderOak ONE. In the beginning, it was a great service, but I started running into various problems. It became slow and none of the clients could agree on the state of the account. So I decided to end my usage of SpiderOak.

My account was due to renew in May of 2019. Typically, this means when you end your account, you are looking to end renewal and face termination at the end of the term. However, SpiderOak works differently. When you terminate your account, it is effective immediately, with no compensation nor recourse. Additionally, there’s no way to contact support because they are using a special domain for that, and it doesn’t resolve.

So buyer beware: SpiderOak ONE has gone downhill, and cancelling your service early is an immediate action, with no access to support.

Benson - Six Months In

Benson has been in my life for half of a year, now. Things have changed a bit, both for Benson and myself.

Daily Standups Are Just Fine

I recently saw an article on HN complaining about how useless daily standup meetings are. When I read the article, and looked through all the comments continuing to detract standups, I noticed a trend: They’re basically doing it wrong.

I Got Surgery On My Broken Foot

Previously, I noted that I broke my foot. It’s been a little over a month, now. My last checkup showed that there was bone growth, but not enough to rejoin the bone/fuse. I was left with the two options, once again: Surgery or long recovery. Initially, I was going for long recovery if things were looking good. The gap was still big enough to estimate a much longer recovery, and still a chance of failing.

I Broke My Foot

So, jumping right into it, I broke my foot. It happened about a month ago. And the reason is so stupid.

About Benson

As mentioned previously, I adopted a greyhound named Benson. Just like any other dog, greyhounds have a wide array of personalities. While Benson’s full personality is not quite out to me yet, I’m getting a pretty good taste of it while I learn more about him.

I Adopted A Dog

So, I adopted a dog. After much self deliberation over a few years, I finally took the plunge. My choice on adoption was based on research to make sure I find a good dog for an apartment dweller. I narrowed it down to 2 breeds or waiting until I move to a house. Only one of the two breeds really had a big network of groups adopting them out.

Once More On The Road To Fitness

I’ve had a few false starts when it comes to my fitness. I’m probably in the best health of my adult life, but my fitness is still lacking. I used a personal trainer for a year. I did martial arts for a few years, including that time with the trainer. But I stopped both. I did walking, and then running for a year, and then I stopped. I saw another trainer for a while but that membership got a bit weird, and I ended up stopping for that reason and others.

Guide For Giving Me Gifts

It’s that time of year again. My birthday was not too long ago and Christmas is about to hit us. It’s time for shopping, and it’s time for me to field that same question that plagues me every year this time of year: What do I want?

Shopping Online

I would be lying if I said shopping online has not made my life easier. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t use it so much.