Plated And The Gross Chicken


So I’ve been using Plated for a couple of months now. As a result, I have substantially curtailed my eating out habit. I cook at home almost every day, now. And for the most part, I really enjoy Plated not just because it makes me cook more, but because it exposes me to things I probably would never have considered in the past.

I have had some meals from Plated that I did not enjoy because it was so foreign to me that my palate just didn’t enjoy it. These meals have been fairly rare, with only 2 cards filed in the “do not repeat” drawer.

However, there’s been a bit more than 2 meals I did not enjoy, and the reason was not because it was new and weird.

The chicken might have a slight odor as a natural reaction to its vacuum packing.

This is a quote from one of the cards containing chicken. The problem is, the apparent imparting of odor due to reaction with the vacuum packing isn’t just imparting an odor. It is very much imparting a foul taste.

The meats generally come in vacuum sealed packaging. The beef has not had any issues so far. Neither has any of the other meats…so far. I have pork in the fridge right now, but I expect it to be more like the beef in this regard. However, I also have 2 chicken meals this week and I’m dreading them. I’m considering throwing away the chicken and buying my own at the super market.

Here’s the thing: My first job was as a butcher. I dealt with meats full time for over 2 years. Maybe I’m not experienced with the cuts and the ways to prepare it like a long tenured butcher might be, but 2 years full time has exposed me to quite a lot. I have had vacuum sealed meats, including chicken. I have never come across anything like this problem until Plated.

I’ve cut down my orders from 4 per week to 3 per week to make it easier to avoid the chicken meals (update: I’ve cancelled). I’m also considering changing services, especially after receiving an extra $24 charge randomly with no explanation. That’s an additional $24 for a week of food, with no increase in meals nor portions, no selection of premium items, and no selection of desserts. There’s nothing that explains it. And this is approximately 1/4 of the normal weekly cost added on top of it.

I’ve been raving about the benefits of this service for the past month or so, but at this point I can’t recommend Plated. Because holy shit, half my meals this week consist of this gross chicken and they sucked an extra $24 out of me for it.

Update: Plated informed me that I am being refunded $24 for the meal with the foul chicken. Never mind all chicken meals have been this way. Additionally, they claimed I was only charged the normal amount. My bank statement does show the normal amount, but it still concerns me they have listed on my account an additional $24 charge for this week. So am I seeing a wash on the extra $24? I still have no clear answers. And of course, as to the main topic of this article, I’ve seen no indications to actually address the chicken issue. It seems like they’re content just to inform you on the card what the smell (and taste) is caused by. I’m not a fan of the idea of having to get my own chicken to have a good chicken based meal so with all the confusion over the extra charge and this issue with the chicken, I’ve called it quits. I’ve cancelled my Plated subscription and will be looking into Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.