Imbue, The Dangerous Tea Infuser Bottle

A while back, I backed a project on Kickstarter called Imbue. It was a neat idea and I felt it was worth supporting to the point that I bought a 5 pack with the intention to give some as gifts.

One Really Simple Way To Confuse Your Customers

I’ve been using a Sena SMH10R on my helmet for a couple of years now. It’s a pretty cool device that can pair with other Sena devices for bike to bike comms (good for group rides) and it also pairs with my phone for some navigation prompts and other things. The SMH10R is their low profile setup, with really the only drawback being an ugly remote battery that I have attached to the back of my helmet.

New Motorcycle!

So I got a new motorcycle! It’s my first brand new bike as my previous 2 were used (the first one being owned briefly and fairly old). It’s a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle.

PowerShell On Linux

So Microsoft open sourced PowerShell and is bringing it to Linux. This news actually excited me. Yet, I’ve already seen commentary that Linux people don’t really want this.

Health Update

I’ve had a couple key accomplishments come up recently in terms of my health and I wanted to share.

Obesity - The Fixable Mental Problem

People who know me know that anti-fat acceptance movement. As someone who lived with morbid obesity and did something about it, I can’t accept that obesity should be considered normal. While many will find an obese person unattractive due to appearance alone, I will, personally, find an obese person unattractive beyond just their physical appearance.

On Running Shoes For Noobs

The title is a bit of a double meaning. You see, this is an article about running shoes, particularly for noobs like me, and the brand I’ll mostly focus on is On Running shoes.

The Problem With Payment Terminals

Did you know a huge percentage of payment terminals you find in various stores support not just mag stripe card payments, but also chip and contactless? However, I’m sure you noticed that not every store accepts anything but mag stripe. I’m sure you’ve seen the credit pay terminals with tape, paper, or other signs on them that say things like “NO CHIP” to indicate chipped cards must be swiped.

Remove The Standard Headphone Port!

The rumor mill is ablaze about the fact that Apple is removing the standard 3.5mm headphone port from their next iPhone and will favor digital lightning based connections for headphone and earbud connections. Daring Fireball has an article basically defending Apple on this decision. While I will agree that at some point the 3.5mm port will become obsolete, the noted article really glosses over a very important point to be made as to why the way Apple is doing this is bad.

Recruiters Failing To Represent The Companies They Recruit For

I’ve been noticing a trend lately with recruiters hitting me up with their job listings. I respond to almost every recruiter asking the same questions, with some variations depending on what’s in the job requirements.