The Saga Of The Crashed NAS - Take 2

In my last post about my NAS crash I thought I had found the cause and fix for my out of memory crash on my Netgear ReadNAS RN104. While true that I did find the cause, I did not actually fix it. It appears btrfs is just not happy in such a limited memory space.

The Saga Of The Crashed NAS

Update: This problem is actually not fixed. Shortly after publishing this, it crashed again with an out of memory error.

Site Moved To New Platform...Again

So I ran the ghost blog platform for a while. I could never get a good workflow with Pelican and it felt a bit tedious to use it. I could have built some better tooling and automation around it, but I wanted something that, for the most part, just worked. As a MongoDB admin hoping to improve on my Javascript skills, I looked for a blogging platform in Javascript and settled on ghost.

GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic

Last week, GoPro announced their Karma drone. It’s their first foray into drones. If you haven’t heard of GoPro (because you live under a rock or something), they’re very well known for their action cameras. In fact, many drone pilots use GoPro Hero cameras on their drones for their HD footage. The GoPro Hero line of cameras are basically the quintessential action camera for the action videographer.

Physical Security - Keys, Passes, And Cards

The common people don’t really think much about security. The biggest security hole in almost any situation is the people involved. I’m a bit different in this regard.

Losing Weight And Avoiding Diabetes, What Doctors Tend Not To Prescribe

Today I read an article that I found on Hackernews about a bit of a mystery when it comes to doctors helping patients they diagnose with Type 2 diabetes. The article starts off mentioning many of the expensive options that are explored, including a newer one approved fairly recently. Most people just go on drugs, including synthetic insulin, and many doctors explore bariatric surgery for those that can afford it.

Imbue, The Dangerous Tea Infuser Bottle

A while back, I backed a project on Kickstarter called Imbue. It was a neat idea and I felt it was worth supporting to the point that I bought a 5 pack with the intention to give some as gifts.

One Really Simple Way To Confuse Your Customers

I’ve been using a Sena SMH10R on my helmet for a couple of years now. It’s a pretty cool device that can pair with other Sena devices for bike to bike comms (good for group rides) and it also pairs with my phone for some navigation prompts and other things. The SMH10R is their low profile setup, with really the only drawback being an ugly remote battery that I have attached to the back of my helmet.

New Motorcycle!

So I got a new motorcycle! It’s my first brand new bike as my previous 2 were used (the first one being owned briefly and fairly old). It’s a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle.

PowerShell On Linux

So Microsoft open sourced PowerShell and is bringing it to Linux. This news actually excited me. Yet, I’ve already seen commentary that Linux people don’t really want this.