2016 Year End Review

2016 has certainly been an interesting year. Never mind some of the major events that have happened in the world in general, I have personally had an interesting year. Some of the major influences on my life this year I can’t post about because it has potential legal implications with the company I work for.

Google Home Is Insecure!

No, no, this has nothing to do with my previous blog post about Google creating conditions that should make spammers very happy. In fact, I only call out Google Home because that’s what I have. In reality, this also affects Amazon Echo.

A Flaw In Google Assistant And Calendars

I had considered a clickbaity title for this, such as “How To Successfully Spam Google Assistant Users, 100% Guaranteed!” but lets keep this civil. What I will say is there’s a defect in Google’s services involving many of their services working together to make it really easy for spammers to annoy the shit out of anyone using Google’s new Assistant based services, and possibly their older service usable by Google search (ie: Google Now). It’s so easy to exploit and so difficult for the target to deal with, spammers should be creaming themselves over it. It’s that ideal a situation for spammers.

The Best Gift For Me

To some degree this is relevent to Christmas, but it really applies to any gift giving situation. These days when people ask me what I want for Christmas or birthday or whatever, I generally say “Nothing.” Most people view this as a polite response and that a gift is still expected. For me, though, the way I see it is I am literally asking for the gift of not more.

The Saga Of The Crashed NAS - Take 2

In my last post about my NAS crash I thought I had found the cause and fix for my out of memory crash on my Netgear ReadNAS RN104. While true that I did find the cause, I did not actually fix it. It appears btrfs is just not happy in such a limited memory space.

The Saga Of The Crashed NAS

Update: This problem is actually not fixed. Shortly after publishing this, it crashed again with an out of memory error.

Site Moved To New Platform...Again

So I ran the ghost blog platform for a while. I could never get a good workflow with Pelican and it felt a bit tedious to use it. I could have built some better tooling and automation around it, but I wanted something that, for the most part, just worked. As a MongoDB admin hoping to improve on my Javascript skills, I looked for a blogging platform in Javascript and settled on ghost.

GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic

Last week, GoPro announced their Karma drone. It’s their first foray into drones. If you haven’t heard of GoPro (because you live under a rock or something), they’re very well known for their action cameras. In fact, many drone pilots use GoPro Hero cameras on their drones for their HD footage. The GoPro Hero line of cameras are basically the quintessential action camera for the action videographer.

Physical Security - Keys, Passes, And Cards

The common people don’t really think much about security. The biggest security hole in almost any situation is the people involved. I’m a bit different in this regard.

Losing Weight And Avoiding Diabetes, What Doctors Tend Not To Prescribe

Today I read an article that I found on Hackernews about a bit of a mystery when it comes to doctors helping patients they diagnose with Type 2 diabetes. The article starts off mentioning many of the expensive options that are explored, including a newer one approved fairly recently. Most people just go on drugs, including synthetic insulin, and many doctors explore bariatric surgery for those that can afford it.