Blog Moved To New Server

I’ve finally found a server management system I’m happy with that manages everything I need it to. It required I install from a fresh server install so I’ve built a new server for this purpose. I have moved everything over to this new server, at this point. Hopefully everything is working by now.

Essential Liberty And Safety

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Pay With Isis

Isis has been around a few years. However, up until recently, it was only available in select markets. During that time, the carriers acting as partners in this project, being Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, decided they would make sure there would be no competition when the project fully launched. This meant that during all of that time there were no options for mobile payment using NFC.

Once Again With FFXIV Support

So I decided since another week has gone by and there has still been no movement on my account investigation, I’d try again and see if they could at least tell me if someone was actually looking at the issue. I’m gathering by all the “escalations” that it’s not being looked at. I’m on my third or fourth escalation at this point.

How I Use My Mobile Phone

People get frustrated with the fact that I often don’t answer my personal phone every time it rings. There’s a wide array of reasons why I don’t. During work days, there’s a 10+ hour period where there is a slim to none chance that I will answer.

FFXIV Suspension Revisited

To get things started with a post not relating to my blog change, I’m kicking things off with a pissy post about my suspension from FFXIV. Since my previous posts are on my old Plone blog, I’ll go ahead and rehash everything up to this point.

A Bit Of Irony

This year I became a database administrator, with a recent change into a senior position. Today, I converted my blog to a system that uses no database.

Things To Come

One of the things that makes me less inclined to use my own sites is the effort required to maintain it. I was not a fan of the backend maintenance required for Wordpress nor the difficulty to make Plone do what I wanted due to the lacking community around it.

First Post! Again...

So I’ve gone through various bloggin platforms over the years. I’ve used hosted services like Livejournal and tumblr, and I’ve used my own hosting for Wordpress, Moveable Type, and even gone for some CMS software like Plone.