Quick Update And Coming Life Changes

So some things are changing quite a bit for me right now. Work stuff is moving fairly quickly, I’m moving, and it’s time for a new doctor.

My Relationship With Fat Logic

I’m not a big redditor so I’m not really in the know of what subreddits exist. I discovered a subreddit called r/fatlogic and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about when I use to use false justification to not do anything about my own health problems. Many of the things I saw in that subreddit resonated with me. I’ll list a few.

Review - 2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

So I bought something expensive. I don’t mean like maybe a grand expensive. Or even a few grand. It was $12,000 out the door. As the title of this article notes, it’s the 2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle. It’s my first ever new motorcycle.

Using Linux On The Desktop In 2017

I saw an interesting comment, meant in humor, but still a comment that shows the actual state of things wth Linux.

The Tech Articles Just Aren't There

I’ve mentioned various times in the past that I would be posting more technical articles. In the time I’ve really been wanting to do this, I’ve changed roles a few times, with my latest few years being a database administrator. I would love to share my knowledge and the things that I learn, but it’s really hard while facing what I’m facing.

Review - Jaybird Freedom

I’ve been searching for bluetooth earbuds as good as my AudioTechnica ATHCKP500BK Sportfit wired earbuds. I had a set of Bohm S9 earbuds for a while that were okay, but they died inside of a year. I saw another brand that looked promising, until reports of crappy battery life ended their retail life. An up and comer in the bluetooth audio arena called Jaybird looked promising for a while, but I wasn’t willing to throw so much money at something I was sure of.

Review - Freshly

Last year, I used a food delivery service called Plated. I enjoyed having everything I needed to prepare meals without having to figure things out. However, I had a major problem with their chicken and could not continue using their service. I had intended to try other services, but never got around to it. I kinda fell back into eating out frequently, though occasionally preparing meals I knew how to cook and were easy to prepare.

The Weird Release Of The New Nvidia Shield TV

On Monday, January 16, Nvidia launched a new Shield TV. Along with the new Shield TV came a new Shield Experience, skipping from 3.3 to 5.0. Shield Experience 5.0 brings the Shield TV to Android 7.0, and is suppose to introduce some new things like integration with Assistant, and new Shield TV exclusive (at least for the time being) apps, such as an app for Amazon’s streaming service. But this whole thing has been rather weird.

Review - Gunnar Glasses

Most days, I spend 8+ hours a day at a computer. Most of that is for my job. It’s pretty well known that staring at a screen all day can cause quite a bit of eye strain. For me, though, I had spent so much of my life in front of a computer screen that I guess I just got use to it and it just became normal.

I'm In The Market For A New Tablet But I'm Not Buying

I’ve been in the market for a new tablet for about a year now. However, I haven’t bought one. And so far I have no plans to. I hope when someone looks at metrics such as tablet sales declining looks at why, because I’ll explain why I’m not buying.